What Should Patients Know About Botox In NYC?

In New York, botox treatments are beneficial for patients who are over the age of twenty-one. The treatments can eliminate the signs of aging temporarily and make the face more youthful. A cosmetic clinician can explain the process involved with botox nyc for these patients.

Does Botox Look Unnatural?

A skilled clinician can perform the botox injections properly without creating an unnatural appearance. These clinicians understand the anatomy of the face and where to inject the solution into the face. They won’t present patients with an excessive volume of these treatments that can paralyze the muscles too severely and create an unnatural look.

What are Options to Prevent Pain or Discomfort?

The clinicians provide ice and numbing agents before they start the procedure. If the patient is apprehensive about potential discomfort, the clinician will apply a numbing cream to the face directly. The doctor will wait until the face becomes numb before they start the procedure.

What are Possible Side Effects?

Patients may experience dry mouth, double vision, dry eyes, and neck pain. They will experience discomfort at the injection site after the numbing agent wears off. The patient may have headaches for the first few days and feel tired after the treatments. In the most severe cases, the patient could have drooping eyelids after the procedure. These conditions will not last more than twenty-four hours.

What is the Full Duration of the Procedure?

Patients could acquire the botox treatments on their lunch break if they prefer. The treatment doesn’t take more than about ten minutes after the face is numb. However, some cosmetic clinicians will take longer if they choose to do an assessment on the day of the procedure. If the clinician identifies any conditions that could create an issue, the procedure will be rescheduled for a different day.

In New York, botox treatments provide beneficial effects for most patients. They don’t present unnatural results when licensed clinicians perform the procedure. Clinicians who perform these services provide sound advice based on the patient’s age and the current condition of their skin. Patients who want to review these treatments schedule a consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon now.