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Inpatient Rehab and the Challenges That Women Face When Seeking Treatment

The challenges that women face when seeking rehabilitation care for drug addiction are numerous. Most women do not abuse alcohol and drugs, a majority struggle with unhooking from taking painkillers. Women are sensitive, and this is the reason that they are likely to get misery and depression. Most of the drug rehab centers are known to cater to the needs of women by reshaping the treatments so that it can fit their specific needs.

You should know that the one challenge which women face when seeking treatment is finances. For women who have children and come from a poor background the challenge is higher. Getting to the rehab center is a costly venture and most of them do not support single women or those who are expectant. Most women who are dealing with addiction fail to have the necessary support system to help them deal with this reality. Even in the situation where the arrangements have been made, these women face resistance from their spouse, boyfriend, and even the family.

Women compared to men get more stigmatized and alienated when they are addicted to substance abuse. They lose confidence and support from their families. Due to fear of judgment these women prefer to hide the fact that they use substance instead of seeking treatment.

A majority of women who are suffering hardly ever go for the inpatient rehab program and those who do, fail to complete the sessions. The reason is that the program aims to suit men. These sessions have a strict attitude and disciplinary actions since men do not quickly open up. Even though this is the best treatment option for men, when it comes to women it is too hostile.

Unlike men, women are delicate and react inwardly as compared to men. Whenever they do something that is not right, they end up feeling guilty and ashamed. When women get an aggressive disciplinary approach, it could end up aggravating their issues. Women also feel intimidated when they get to these facilities since most of the people who offer the treatment option are men. For women, it is easy for them to open up to someone of the same gender.

The centers are now changing, and they strive to create a facility that is ideal for both women and men. They do this so that they can serve the women patients’ better. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done so that many women can be encouraged to seek treatment.