Plastic Surgeon Dr Andrew Miller of New Jersey Offers Eyelid Surgery for Rejuvenating Effects

Many people who have an otherwise youthful appearance are distressed by noticeable bags under their eyes. They worry that these puffy areas make them look older, tired or ill. Some individuals simply are prone to developing bags under the eyes for genetic reasons, and none of the usual home remedy treatments works very well for this problem. Plastic surgery often is an effective solution. When it comes to plastic surgeon dr andrew miller new jersey residents can rest assured that they will receive excellent care and achieve positive results.

Eyelid surgery is medically known as blepharoplasty, and that includes removal of excess tissue from the eyelids. A plastic surgeon may remove excess skin as well as some of the fat under the eyes. Many patients benefit from having an upper eyelid lift done at the same time for further rejuvenation effects. The treatment can take years off a person’s appearance and erase that haggard look that people dislike seeing when they look in a mirror. The eyes look larger instead of being hidden by drooping lids on top and puffy lids on the bottom.

When the excess fat under the eyes is removed, the surgeon also may improve the contour of the lid, depending on the results the patient wants to achieve. Tightening the lid will prevent sagging in the future. It is essential for patients to be realistic about their expectations, however. Eyelid cosmetic surgery will not take 20 years off the person’s appearance and will not make a person with average looks become as gorgeous as a movie star. Plastic surgeons consult with patients beforehand to make sure their expectations are in line with what can be achieved in reality.

Especially as people age, those puffy areas under the eyes tend to look quite wrinkled. It can be distressing to see one’s face look significantly older than it should, being mainly affected in this manner by the lower eyelids. The individual may worry about he or she looks in sunshine or bright interior lighting, where the problem is particularly obvious. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is the first step toward a permanent solution.