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What You Need To Know About Pool Maintenance Proper maintenance of your pool is essential. It is important that you know the proper maintenance and the number of times you should do the processes. Maintaining your pool is an essential step in order to keep from spending a lot in the future. A common issue that you will run into when your pool is not being maintained properly is algae. Having a balanced pH level is vital in making sure that algae does not get in your pool. By using home kits, you will be able to test the pH level. Maintaining the pH level means that you keep it at around 7.2 and 7.6 pH. A high pH level would mean that sodium bisulfate needs to be added. You can also use other chemicals but this type is easier to use and store. Follow instructions properly. A lot of local stores that sell swimming pool chemicals will have this chemical.
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Chlorine can also be used to keep algae in control. It is important to remember that this is a toxic chemical and so you don’t need to use a lot of it. Use one to three parts per million so that you will be safe. A clean liner is essential.
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Some pools have plastic liners so you need to be careful not to rip the liner. So use a soft brush with nylon liners, and you can use a steel brush if you have a concrete liner. Make sure that removing algae is in your pool maintenance guide. By vacuuming the pool floor and skimming the surface, you can keep your pool clean always. Foreign items like leaves should be removed from your pool. A skimmer will help you get the job done. Floating debris can be removed using this method. A vacuum can be used in order to remove the debris from the bottom. You can keep the algae from growing once you do this cleaning process. By doing this regularly, you can make sure that the pump will not get destroyed. It can be quite costly to get a new pump. By following a pool maintenance guide schedule, you can keep track of the routine tasks that you need to do. It is important to have a schedule of when you can check the pH and chlorine levels. This should also be executed regularly. You can skim and vacuum the pool when you see the need to. Make sure you take out all foreign objects in your pool. You can utilize a calendar to monitor the dates of the maintenance you need to do on your pool. This will also help you not forget. Your whole family can enjoy a pool in your home. A well maintained pool will last you a long time.